Why we are building Plasma

Mar 31, 2023

Bacteria, Ants, Bees and Humans – The most adaptable and successful species developed incredible ways of communication to get ahead.

We communicate to get big things done.

Pyramids, Rockets, Projects, Tasks. Cooperation is what allowed us to turn sand (silicone) into learning entities. We have a history of creating magic. Communication is our evolutionary superpower.

Ironically using computers these days often feels dull and distracting.

Billions of us are tabbing from tool to email to chat to tool searching and distributing information. It makes us wish to escape the noisy electrons and get physical.

We all want to learn, build and have fun together but distraction, missing context and misunderstanding get in the way.

Bad communication and information overload are the villains.

Cluttered e-mail, endless zoom meetings and constant Slack notifications are the false friends to keep us from getting things done and and being happy.

With generative AI, Software is about to change like never before. Artificial companions are flooding all channels.

AI can increase both noise and signal. We want to eliminate the first and amplify the latter.

We are building to push our collective productivity frontier forward. We want to blur lines between saying things and doing them.

We want to help you get big things done.

Nimar & Felix